With so many smart phones and available cameras it seems it has never been easier to have your picture taken. Technology certainly is important and the advances in sensor and lens quality are quite impressive; and yet some “old” things are as important as ever: attention to detail, lighting and shadows, the simple fact of talking to your subject, helping him or her feel comfortable, even playful in front of the camera, involving the subject into shaping the perfect shot. All this requires passion and simple joy at discovering together what works best for you.

I offer you this experience. In my studio, or on location in Hamburg.

Photography began as a hobby but the more I tried it, the more it absorbed me. I am always opened to try new things and am looking forward to seeing what you guys will confront me with.

I always prepare my shootings in advance. There are a lot of things going into creating great shots and some of them depend on you, such as the clothing, location and the accessories. I will set up one meeting before the shoot to discuss all these topics and agree on the concept.

So let’s get in touch, tell me what you need and we’ll make it happen. Together

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